Think bigger

METAphrenie means “Beyond the Mind.”

We seek collaborators who understand that good creative has a purpose that goes beyond the screen and beyond the mind. We infuse our work with an international perspective that parallels our own journey as an international creative studio. This journey has led us through some of the biggest hubs for creativity and innovation in the world: New York, Berlin, Dubai, and Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience as a studio and clients from multiple continents, we’ve honed our craft of empowering storytellers from around the world to tell a bigger story and paint a bigger picture.

Be smaller

We can THINK BIG but still BE and ACT SMALL. Why small? Because it allows us to be more nimble, to constantly iterate and focus on the essentials. Our ability to simplify how we work also supplies insight to help our clients and collaborators clarify their messages. We don’t worry about growing big, we focus on solving big creative problems.

Push creative

Our goal is to always help our clients achieve the best creative possible - which is not always what we “think” is the best creative, but the best solution for the problem presented.

Respect the process

We’ve spent the last decade developing our Process. We’ve tested it, learned from it, and constantly refined our techniques to strengthen it. At its core, our Process is based on recognizing that you need effective solutions. We strive to find the answer to your challenges quickly and apply our passion and experience to give you the most novel and creative solution possible.

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What we do

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METAphrenie creates award-winning visual solutions for the global advertising, marketing, and broadcast industries. Founded in 2004 with offices in Dubai and Los Angeles, we are a client-focused design and production studio specializing in developing memorable design solutions that bring innovative concepts to life.

We design. We animate. We direct live-action. But what we really do is partner with the world’s leading broadcast networks, agencies, and marketers to set brands in motion.


Our differentiators:

  • Storytelling with an international perspective, with our roots in creative hubs around the world (New York, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles).
  • Without borders, we use the best talent from around the world.
  • Small but mighty: our size allows us to be nimble and adapt quickly to the ever-changing media landscape.
  • Genuine passion for cultivating personal relationships with our collaborators.

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