METAphrenie founder, Andrea Dionisio, has directed award-winning creative for major commercial, broadcast, sports and lifestyle clients in New York, Berlin, Dubai and Los Angeles. 

Unlike strictly live-action or animation directors, Andrea’s hands-on experience across the complete scope of creative – design, motion graphics, visual effects, editorial, sound design, and post production – makes him a rare asset for brands with diverse media needs. 


His expertise in specialized production techniques such as green screen, VFX-heavy live-action, motion-capture, and ultra-high-speed photography enable him to initiate and develop ideas that push artistic limits to showcase brands in a new light.

By augmenting creative vision with technical flexibility, Andrea is among the few directors who are able to clearly articulate the process for bringing concepts to life, as well as provide creative leadership at every stage of production.

For over a decade, Andrea has applied this unique perspective and skill set to deliver acclaimed animation and CG-based commercials and broadcast promos for brands around the world.